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MBT, The Museum of Broadcast Technology in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is dedicated to the restoration of early TV cameras, videotape systems, and related technologies. The museum's collection reflects the broadcasting and teleproduction industries from their early days through the ensuing decades.
The Museum also offers technical expertise, laboratory resources and services dedicated to the careful restoration of precious, historic early films and video recordings. Many of these recordings exist only in videotape formats that are no longer in regular service. The Museum maintains an extensive collection of functioning videotape systems in order to facilitate the restoration of programs recorded in these now obsolete videotape formats.
The Museum's staff and advisors also can provide a wealth of reference information and support as studied historians of the technology, production and studio practices of the "Golden Age" of broadcasting.
In short, The MBT offers an unique resource for scholars and those having a professional interest in understanding the origins, history and evolution of television systems, broadcast and teleproduction facilities.
Take your time meandering through our site. It is but one of the resources and services offered by MBT, The Museum of Broadcast Technology.
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